Saturday, January 11, 2014

The importance of quality thread

I want to start out this post by saying that this is based solely on my opinion and I am never paid to write any blog posts.

I finished up my Pinwheels and Elephants table runner last week and quilted it with Aurifil 50w thread. I got the thread as a Christmas gift and it quilts like magic. Up until now I've been using Coats and Clark which is not quality thread, I purchased it from Joann's because I thought it was cheap.

At Joann's I pay $2.79-$3.79 for C&C 250 yards depending on color. On Red Rock Threads I can get 1422 yd of Aurifil for $9.50. So the prices are very competitive, but here's the thing, Aurifil has never once broken or frayed in my machine. I just took my EYL quilt off the wall to finish up a few sections and almost immediately the C&C thread I was using began to fray in the machine.

The Coats and Clark thread definitely does not look bad on fabric, however, Aurifil looks great on fabric as well. Though I do plan on using up my (very small) collection of C&C that I have stashed in my studi- bedroom, once it is all gone I will be using Aurifil and playing around with some other brands as well.

I'm eager and excited to show you my finished Pinwheels and Elephants table runner and will be doing so January 31st. For now, however, I will be working on finishing up a section of EYL each day and will have it done by the end of February for my February finish!

What kind of thread do you use and can't live without?

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  1. I love aurifil for piecing and quilting. I tend to stick to Sulky rayon when the thread it going to be an actor though. I love how it reflects light and I've not had any trouble with breaking.

    I do use C&C from time to time for things like girl scout badges and general sewing.

    1. Yeah C&C for other projects is fine, just not quilting! I will have to try the Sulky, I'm going to order some next week probably!


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