Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014... Best year ever

I have so many goals for 2014, as I'm sure many of us do. I have quilting goals, crafting goals, work goals, and personal life goals.

I'll start with a few of my personal goals.

1) Get married in 2014!
      Hey, I need to reach one of my goals, right!?!?!

2) Lose some weight and put on muscle by the end of the year.
       I'd like to be around 18% body fat, currently I'm 31%. I've hired a personal trainer and am doing  it the right way! 

3)Organize my home and quilt space.
       This year I am doing the 52 Weeks to an Organized Home Challenge I will update you on my progress monthly.

4) Focus on family.
      This comes pretty easily to me, because I love the family that I have, and the family that I'm marrying in to! 

Quilting/Crafting Goals

Start and finish my guest quilt for our wedding.

Finish up my EYL quilt! I'd love to have this done by February, that would be exactly one year that I started it!

Practice wood burning daily. Pyrography is one of my favorite crafts to do. I want to keep practicing so I can get much better at this, and possibly one day begin selling custom signs. That is obviously far into the future.

Start and Finish one of the quilts in this book!

A Lovely Year of FinishesFinish up the oldest UFO ever, I began this in mid November 2012. I also want to finish a few other UFO's I have lying around.

6) Attend a quilt guild meeting (or 12).

In order to finish up these goals I'm joining in on A Lovely Year of Finishes, where I will attempt to finish something quilt related each month throughout the year.

Work Goals

1) Work my butt off from 8-5 Monday through Friday, and leave the rest of the time I have for my personal life.
      This is going to be a bit tricky. Of course I will have mixers that I need to attend and early morning breakfast meetings every once in a while, but for the majority of the time I want to focus on my personal life outside of business hours.

I have so much to accomplish this year, and I am really looking forward to it. I truly believe that with the New Year comes new opportunity, and new beginnings.

I also look forward to sharing this year with all of you! The more projects I get done, the more I will blog about it!

I'm linking up with Confessions of a Fabric Addict and A Lovely Year of Finishes head on over and check out everyone's goals!

Quilt on,



  1. A UFO that's a little over a year old really isn't that bad. Good luck on accomplishing your goals this year. Looks like you've got a lot of great ones.

  2. Yay you! I'm glad to see you and looking forward to what you come up with. I've never tried wood burning - seems like fun indeed :)

    1. I feel like you'd really be into it, Sudre. It's so fun and smells awesome!

  3. What diverse talents. Can't wait to see all you do this year.

  4. Good luck with your goals this year.

  5. Such exciting goals this year, Alyx! Good luck in reaching all of them!

  6. I wish you the best with all your goals. Looks like you have some fun and important stuff planned.

  7. Happy wedding this year!! Exciting. :D I am chuckling, because I'm saving my oldest UFO for the last to finish up, and with this being my thesis year, it'll be until August before I can give quilt work serious time. (and there are 19 UFOs ahead of it) So.... it's from the year my first daughter was born. . . 1992. . . ;D Here's to a really great 2014!!!

    1. Wowza, 1992!!! I saw all the books you're reading for your thesis, it looks quite interesting! Best of luck on it, I had probably 18 mental break downs/temper tantrums while writing mine, but in the end it was published. You can do it Lyn!!


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