Meet Hoppi

Hi! I'm Alyx, the mind behind Hoppipolla Quilts!

I'm 25 and I live in Pennsylvania.
My fiance, Derrick, is the most important person to me in the entire world. 
I LOVE to quilt, it is my passion.
I am a super nerd. I love video games, board games, anime, superheros, and scifi/fantasy novels/movies.
I enjoy hiking, geocaching, and being outdoors in general.
I am a sucker for a good quality bottle glass of wine.
I have a handful of hero's a few examples are my mother, Beyonce, Karen McTavish, and Stephen Hawking.

Thank you for taking the time to read some of my blog, I hope you pop back in again!

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How and why Hoppipolla Quilts?

Hoppipolla is one of my favorite songs by Sigur Ros. It also happens to be my handle on an MMO that I currently play.  Some of my friends also call me Hoppi! So, naturally, I had to name my blog Hoppipolla Quilts!