Sunday, January 5, 2014

Facing my (feather) Fears

2014 is a year of finishes on the blog. I thought; what a better way to start the year than to end one of my quilting fears.

I'm not sure why I was so afraid of feathers. They're so pretty (and really easy, too), and I suppose intimidating. Yesterday I spent a ton of time sketching feathers and they were looking more and more horrible. Eventually I just figured I should try it on fabric and...

 Not too shabby for my first time!
I watched a ton of videos. Maddie K's Drag Queen Feathers just aren't for me, I don't think I'm fabulous enough for them. I adore Karen McTavish's Victorian Feathers, but I just can't whip it like she can. While you're on a youtube roll, you may as well watch this for good measure. So I just kind of went with the flow and did my own style of feather.

 Next time I'll be focusing more on the spine of the feather. I don't think that the spines are distinct enough. I could have gone over and thread painted them a bit but I think it would look even better if I created a gap in the center of the spine.

I also came up with a genius idea to move my sewing table out into the living room so I can marathon out Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23 and quilt simultaneously. I watched almost two whole seasons and finished up my table runner.

I won't be posting the finish until the end of the month, as I'll be doing with all my finished projects this year. I will certainly be starting a few more projects this month though!!

What have you been working on this weekend?

Quilt on,


  1. Not bad at all! Good for you! Sometimes you just have to do - even when it is scary as all get out. :) Looks like it is working out for you!

    1. Thanks! You never know until you try, right!?!


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