Sunday, March 3, 2013


Two days ago D (the boyfriend) informed me that March is National Optimism Month. Sure as sunshine, it is.

I woke up this morning and understood why when I heard the birds chirping outside my window! Spring is coming, flowers are blooming, and babies are being born.

Speaking of babies, Ive been taking a break from Express Your Love for the past two days to work on a baby quilt for my friend Tahera.

It was fun to switch gears from art quilt to baby quilt. it also got me excited for the baby boy to get here so we can all meet him!

Tahera's baby shower is today and I'm very excited for her to receive the quilt!

I'll be back to working on Express Your Love on Monday!

Stay optimistic!

Quily on,


  1. Cute baby quilt! It looks quite cuddly.

    The birds were making quite a racket this morning; it's always cheerful to hear them chatter. I can only assume they were commenting on the rain : )

    1. Thanks, Karen. It is cuddly, Tahera (the expecting momma) loves it!
      Also - I tried to add your blog button to my blog and it wasn't working, I just copied and pasted. I'm not sure what happened!


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