Monday, March 18, 2013

Lube to the rescue!

Jack hammer be gone!!!!

My machine is lubed up and ready for some action!

Take it however you want to. Today I got a job and celebrated by stopping at Joann's for some machine oil...
... I knew I should have just grabbed a basket.
I couldn't be happier to have a job that I will love, and be good at! I will be working for a pet sitting company called No Worries Petsitting! I'll be walking, jogging, and sitting pets as well as doing marketing and networking for the company, huzzah!
The oil giving a thumbs up because it's awesome!

So after Joann's I quickly raced home (going about 20 miles an hour because of the blizzard. In March. What? Isn't it spring next week. Snow. Grrr.) and lubed up the Singer! She's in tip top shape and sounds brand new! I wanted to quilt a bit before bed so I decided to work on my goddess's face.

I'm using the cat hairball stitch, but on an extremely small scale.  I must say, when I first saw this design I hated it. I thought to myself what would anyone use this for, it's hideous. Then Leah Day did it on a smaller, denser scale. I actually like it for the face and body.
I will be using the same thread for the face and body.
My goddess will be naked because I want to show my love for my body, of which I have little.
As for now I'm off to doodle some feathers thanks to the great idea from Maddie, the most Bad Ass Quilter. She's currently working on a beautiful feather quilted piece and I'm in love with it. Like a lot. Check her out on facebook, she always has photos of her work up!
I am now also linking up to Marcia's Crafty Sewing and Quilting Blog. She has a linkup for blogs with under 50 followers, if you fall in this category, you should too! Not to mention, her blog is totally awesome. Great tutorials and some super cool up-cycle stuff!!!!
My next project is to take on the 401a and make her shine like new!
Quilt on,



  1. Thank you so much! and I am very excited to see how your project moves along - I call it scrubbing but from now on I shall call it the cat-yack stitch and fill!

    Glad the machine is back up and running, I have always said there can never be enough lube :)
    Maddie- BAQS

    1. Hi Maddie! Thanks for reading my blog :)
      Cat-yack stitch and fill is such an appropriate name for what I think is such an ugly stitch haha! I guess you can't love them all!

      It's true, too much lube is never a bad thing


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