Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Let the sun shine in

I've been wanting to blog so terribly bad for a few days now, but things have been hectic in this household! I wish I could say hectic in a good way, but unfortunately I can't. Soon enough we will be back on track and life will be sunny and beautiful again!

Some great news for today, Tahera, my expecting friend, LOVED her quilt. She was showing it off to everyone at her shower and made me take a picture with her! It made me feel extremely proud of my work, and EXTREMELY excited to meet this little boy! She is due in April, but I have a feeling he'll be here earlier than expected!

Today is Kevin's funeral and it is dreary outside. I have mixed emotions because it still doesn't feel quite real that he is gone, I hope to be able to pour these feelings into my Express Your Love quilt later today.

Speaking of my goddess, here is her progress.

As you can see my McTavishing, though not perfect (no where near, in fact), is getting smoother! ...But... Why is my bobbin thread coming up in little bubbles like that? I haven't changed my tension or technique. Fellow quilters, help! 
I also worked a bit on the earth. As you can see in one panel I "double stitched" the green, almost as if I was threat painting, I'm still not sure which I like better! 

I'm having a difficult time thinking of more positive mantras to add to my quilt. How can I express my love for myself? 

If you were (or are) quilting the Express Your Love quilt what would (or have) you written to express your love? 

I hope you all have a beautiful day!

Quilt on,


  1. Express Your Love quilt is the perfect quilt to work on, very healing. And it is coming along beautifully.

    As for your tension issues here are some rules of thumb. If your tension goes wacky all of a sudden, start by rethreading both the top and the bobbin. If that doesn't help, if you see the bobbin thread on the top, loosen your top tension. If you see the top thread on the back, tighten your top tension. There are other things your can try, but this is a good start.

    1. Thanks so much, Pat! I will try that later today!


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