Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dust bunnies galore

So my machine sounds like a jack hammer... no big deal. Right?


I decided to take the Sewing Machine 911 class offered by Craftsy. Claudia Miller taught me how to thoroughly clean my machine... like, take it apart. 

I was so nervous doing this I was sweating. Under arm sweat, forehead sweat, nasty gross sweat. I did it just as she showed me in the class and, honestly, it wasn't that bad! 

It was nasty. 
So nasty. 

I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more until I didn't see any more dust in there. This is what came out of it.
If you must know, it's Weihenstehaner Hefe Weissbier in that Bob Marley glass... Mmmm
So gross! 
I turned my machine back on and began quilting and it was silent!!!! I was sooo happy!

...for about 10 minutes. 

According to the class now I must oil my machine! Guess I'll be hitting up the fabric store tomorrow!
Until then...
Quilt on,

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