Friday, March 8, 2013

Anything but FMQ Friday

This is still as far as I've gotten on Express Your Love. Hasn't changed a bit since Tuesday. 

I've been so busy doing anything but quilting this week! Wednesday was my cousins funeral, it was a great closure. It was so hard to say goodbye, but now that I have I feel so much better. I know he is in a better place and reunited with our Grammy and Pappy, even thinking about it brings me peace. 
After the funeral I had all intentions to come home and quilt. I drank so much coffee all day I was ready to stay up all night! Rather than quilting, though, I decided to spring clean and purge a ton of mine and D's stuff from my mom's house! I brought 9 bags to the Salvation Army, 9!!!! Not only did it feel great to donate so much stuff, but it felt great to make room and organize! It will also make packing so much easier when we decide it's the right time to move. 

During my purging I came across this beauty!

It's in working order, just seems to need a little lubricant! I am so excited to use it! I will eventually have to get a table to fit my more modern Singer as I noticed D was a bit upset that I showed any interest in another machine. D got me the Singer Stylist for my birthday, and while I love it for costume making, it's SO difficult to FMQ on! Though I am still linking up with FMQ Friday!

I've been busy doing other things as well, like applying for jobs, and, drum roll please, interviewing! Today I had a phone interview to be a pet sitter/ dog walker/jogger! I have an in person final interview and background check on Tuesday. I am elated! Not only will this be a fun job, it will allow me to quilt and still do cosplay design on the side! 

Monday D and I both have appointments to see if we (both!) need surgery. I know, we're a mess. As I've said before, February was the month from hell. 
Please keep your fingers crossed for us! 

I'm sure next week I will be getting much more FMQ done as I need to make two, count that two, art quilts for friends who have "ordered" them from me. One of my friends, Katie, is an extremely talented artist who will be painting a portrait of Madison for us! The other, Jabir (Tahera's younger brother) offered to pay me for a quilt. 

March is definitely turning out to be a great month!!! 

Happy Optimism Month and International Women's Day!!!

Quilt on (or you know, whatever you want to do),


  1. Thoughts, prayers and crossed fingers for both of you.

    There are weeks I don't FMQ either. But I did manage just a bit today, and it felt so good. You will get back to it soon too.

  2. I like it! another machine! One for this and one for that! It's the only way to go!


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