Monday, September 9, 2013

How to FMQ a button...

Today I'll be starting with an incredibly upsetting fact about childhood cancer. Everyday about 250 children pass away from cancer. 91,250 lose their life to the disease every year. September is childhood cancer awareness month, do your part to spread awareness to at least one person this month! 

This afternoon I bordered and basted my buttons baby quilt. I am so in love with this quilt and I can't wait to sell it to a family who can adore it as much as I do! 

 Look at the high loft on that baby (quilt)!
... someone used my fabric shears to cut paper. I have a feeling it wasn't Madison (our dog). 

So here is my dilemma. I will be FMQing the quilt with the pattern shown here. However, do I double up on the flower petals or leave them as single petals? What would you do? I think the single petals look cleaner, but the double petals give me a little more wiggle room to get around the quilt.

Happy Monday! Today I'm linking up with Stitch by Stitch!
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Quilt on,


  1. So fluffy and sweet! It should be very well loved. :)

    1. It is SO fluffy. I couldn't help myself, I quilted it last night. I can't wait to share it :D


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