Monday, May 20, 2013


We're making some awesome progress on the apartment, I should have everything unpacked by tomorrow night! I'm really excited about it!

Here are some photos of our progress, please excuse the horrible mess of boxes and clothing everywhere. I can't stand living like this, ugh!

The living room complete with D watching an anime on the computer!

The dining room. This room was completely filled with boxes on Saturday, we've made such awesome progress!

The kitchen, that's a dishwasher there, people!!!!! I'm so excited about having a dishwasher, can you tell!?!?!

The balcony with our table and chairs set up! The color is a little skewed, the chairs are teal and orange, not sure why they showed up this way! Derrick and I had breakfast out on the balcony today. The three of us, Madison included obviously, watched a crazy squirrel jumping around in the trees. It was rather entertaining. I can't wait to get some plants out here!

Ugly bathroom is not soooo ugly with a shower curtain. We'll make it work!

And last but not least the horribly messy bedroom. It's going to take a while to organize everything. We have to get it done by Friday though, because Derrick's dad will be coming to spend a week or so with us. Ahhhh! Talk about pressure/stress!

I haven't set up my sewing machine yet or my studio at all so no quilting has been done, but I hope to have that up by tomorrow!

This is all just too exciting!

Quilt on,

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