Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Runday: Part 1

On November 10th I will be running a 10 mile race up hill, every Sunday I will document my training here for you all to follow!

 Monday I ran 2.64 miles at a 13:09 pace. I had a fairly steep incline.

 Tuesday I ran 2.96 miles at a 12:05 pace, same incline as Monday! I shaved over a minute off my time!

Wednesday I ran exactly 3 miles at a 13:22 pace. Same incline as Monday and Tuesday, but it was very humid that day!

Thursday was my long run day. I ran 6 miles at a 12:47 pace. I am still so incredibly proud of myself for this! At the 5 mile point I threw my arms in the air and began running faster, I was so excited. A girl walking in the opposite direction of me laughed at me so I yelled "I JUST RAN 5 MILES WITH OUT STOPPING!" and kept running. I'm sure she thought I was crazy and I don't care!

Friday was a day off. I was exhausted from the 6 mile run! I took a pretty long nap on Friday!

Saturday I ran 3.1 at a 12:24 pace. I ran my normal route backwards so there was a steeper incline, it felt great. I'm really starting to enjoy running up hill.

Sunday I'm cross training by doing some yoga. I'm going to start doing yoga more often to help cross train.

Eventually I'll up my speed, but for now I'm happy running slow. It's a nice pace for me and I feel really good about it. Why fix it if it's not broken, right? Next Sunday I have a 5k at the Lehigh Valley Zoo. The 5k benefits the river otters which is so perfect since we're getting married in the river otter exhibit next year!

I'm really proud of myself for keeping up with this training!

Run on,

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